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The Future Series: Solar Powered Satellite Communications

Design a solar-powered device

Each hour, the sun beams enough energy onto Earth to supply the world with energy for one year. Imagine if we could efficiently harness the energy of the earth. The sun, a powerful energy source, is capable of powering many of the items we use daily. Using photovoltaic cells, also known as solar panels, scientists will design and build a solar powered device. Imagine if you could listen to music on a radio that was powered by the sun?

Kids will explore solar cell technology and long-distance space communications as they design a novel solar powered device.

For kids who want to know how these technologies work, how they were developed, and how they too can invent The Future. Each month, Kids Science Labs take a challenging problem, recent innovation, or research discovery and teaches kids 9-14 all about it.


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  •  May 14, 2016
  •   1:00 pm − 2:15 pm
  •  Age 9 to 14
  •  15 Members/$30 Non-Members
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