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4th Annual Steam Studio

Apply design skills and solve real-world challenges

STEAM STUDIO is a pop-up design studio where youth apply design: skills, techniques, and thinking to solve real-world challenges.

This year Steam Studio has expanded, it is going from 1 location to 4 Youmedia locations with 18 workshops happening across Chicago. Each location will be simulcasted on Youtube Live.

The theme for this year is Celebrating Chicago's (current) Arts Renaissance. Each neighborhood in which a Steam Studio will be held, The Loop, Albany Park, Chinatown, and South Side/Woodson will highlight what this Arts Renaissance looks like in their neighborhood through workshop like: Re-Purpose, Re-Design Fashion Workshop, Mobile Studio, Open Mic, Jewelry Design, Live Art Workshop, T-Shirt Design Workshop and more.

Youmedia, HWLC*
400 S. State St

workshops: Jewelry Making, Photoshoot Workshop, T-Shirt Design Workshop, Re-purpose, re-design fashion workshop, Model Clinic, Open Mic, Mobile Studio

youmedia, albany park library
3401 W. Foster Ave

workshops: Re-purpose, re-design fashion workshop, jewelry making, photoshoot workshop

youmedia, chinatown library
2100 S. Wentworth ave

workshops: Mobile studio, Youtube video maker workshop, T-Shirt Design Workshop

youmedia, woodson library
9525 s. halsted st

workshops: Mobile Studio, Photoshoot workshop, jewelry Making


Event Highlights

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  •  June 18, 2016
  •  12:00 pm − 5:00 pm
  •  Age 13 to 18
  •  FREE
  •   Pre-registration Required
  •  Multiple Locations -- Albany Park Library, Chinatown Library, HWLC, and Woodson Library.