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Sonia Kovalevsky Math Day on Games of Chance

Math games and more!

UIC's chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics is running the 3rd Sonia Kovalevsky Math day at UIC for girls in grades 8-12 on Saturday November 4. The theme is Games of Chance; there will be sessions on The Monty Hall Problem, Non-transitive Dice, and sums of Dice. The purpose of the event is to encourage young women to pursue mathematics.

For more than twenty years Sonia Kovalevsky Days have been organized and sponsored by Association for Women in Mathematics(AWM) and held at colleges and universities throughout the country.

Sonia Kovalevsky Days (SK Days) consist of a program of workshops, talks, and problem-solving competitions for female high school and middle school students and their teachers, both women and men. The purposes are to encourage young women to continue their study of mathematics, to assist them with the sometimes difficult transitions between middle school and high school mathematics and between high school and college mathematics, to assist the teachers of women mathematics students, and to encourage colleges and universities to develop more extensive cooperation with middle schools and high schools in their area.

  • Registration Closes:   October 23, 2017

For more info, visit:  University of Illinois at Chicago -- Science and Engineering Offices Building


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  •  November 4, 2017
  •  10:30 am − 3:00 pm
  •  Grade 8 to 12
  •  FREE
  •   Pre-registration Required
  •  This is a girls-only event.